Giannotto's Pizza is a great place for family and friends.  Bring the whole gang and we will treat you like family!  Everything is homemade, and our recipes were imported from Italy by my grandmother, taught to my mother, who in turn taught me...  NOW MAUI HAS THE BEST!

Media and Customer Reviews

"Don of Pizza - Giannotto's serves up Italian food to die for"
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Italian Food should be made by an ITALIAN.  GREAT JOB - East coast food with east coast atmosphere in the middle of Maui. WOW!!! Keep up the great work."
L.B. in Kihei, HI

"Giannotto's has all the classics from a traditional pizza and sub shop you can find on the east coast.  The owner is from the east coast.  He's a real nice guy and a hard worker, and if you say hi to him once he will likely remember you if you come back."
Regal S. in Honolulu, HI

"Our new favorite restaurant on Maui!"
Brian & Lynda in Houston, TX

"Great service, food is delicious!"
Norma G.

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